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Videos: YouTube / videoadventures




Adobe: Premier & Audition & PhotoShop & Illustrator & InDesign & AfterEffects & DreamWeaver ( inactive: Final Cut Pro ) / international video & audio data management / last minute poster design & show cards & business cards / ProTools /


* International video assignments and projects. Clients include tourist bureaus of Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malaysia, Azerbaijan. Charity media in Kenya. See YouTube / videoadventures. Nominated for awards as director and videographer. Google: Maasaicameramen

* Writing, publishing, and promotion via internet and print-on-demand in English, Spanish, Arabic


* Video productions and commercials in United States.

* Arabesk Studies in Damascus, Media/SEO Specialist, Operations suspended due to war. (Incomplete remains in operation with hope of end of conflict.)

* Russian Cultural Institute, Damascus, instructor of Presentations in Advanced American English -- Personal, Sales, Academic -– for Syrian professionals speaking to English-only international audiences. Assembled website and delivered material via text and audio. Website lost to war.

* National University instructor of American Literature, World Literature, Essay, Creative Writing, Technical Writing, Business Communications, and Information Research and Report Writing. Classes uploaded to university instructional websites.

* Los Angeles Mission College instructor of Literature and Essay. Assembled website for students. Discontinued.

* Camp Pendleton ( on contract ) instructor of Literature and Essay. Uploaded materials to college instructional website. Assignment terminated due to mass deployment of Marines to Iraq War.

* Writer of 22 published novels, novels translated to five languages, one novel achieved New York Times Bestseller List for series, other novels scored other bestseller lists; sold cinema stories; poetry; wrote video projects.

* Writer/reviewer appearing in U.S. and foreign periodicals, including N.Y. Times.

* Writer/designer of United States patents, technical manuals, Spanish language copyrights.

* Certificate, Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA

* B.A., M.A., American Literature

* Multiple for-profit enterprises in foreign cultures and foreign languages. See, a website showing fifteen years of work to design and export Central American arts during Guatemalan civil war.


* Leader, Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies, LA Mission College Technology Committee. Involved the study, learning, demonstration of publishing methods to faculty. TERMINATED / RESIGNED due to faculty refusal to publish course material as electronic text -- for computers, tablets, cellphones to cut expense to students and allow study anywhere, anytime. Staffer told Payne electronic publishing threatened textbook profits of campus bookstore.

* Continuing the development of internet .html / .css / video / audio / .pdf to support enterprise and education.

* 2010 -- 11, maintained websites in Damascus for international academics. Operations suspended due to war and electronic assaults. Only remains.

* 2009, April through October: Worked in Damascus. Managed three websites -- all destroyed. Wrote English-language text and meta-tags to score page one, Google. Photographed, video/audio recorded tours. Disassembled and reformatted University of Damascus audios for international students. Wrote and recorded advanced American-language essays and scripts for post-graduate Syrian professionals.

* 2008, February through June: Worked in Damascus, Syria with internet professionals. Presented workshops in free Google website publishing. Worked with Syrian government television program to encourage foreign academics to study in Damascus.

* December 2007: Presented LA Mission College classes in website publishing. Promoted college to community.

* October 2006 through December 2006: Damascus, Syria. Attended Arabic classes and studied techniques of language instruction with other academics. Interviewed Arabic language instructors to find Syrians qualified for National University language program.

* January 2005 -- June 2006, UCLA Arabic. Continued with courses in Arabic and Islamic history to gain Certificate in Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures.

* December 2003 and continuing: Initiated accelerated Arabic language course to be presented at National University Carlsbad Learning Center. Proposal involved research in the cities of Tangier, Marrakech, Fes. Interviewed academics and technology specialists. Project interrupted by accelerated deployments. Now continuing development as independent project through, Project will be an on-line interchange to offer Arabic instruction to foreigners studying Arabic and Islam in Damascus, English and internet to Syrians and international Islamic students.

* 11 September, 2001: Created an e-mail Technical Writing course in nine hours for military personnel, Amphibious Assault Base on Coronado Island, San Diego.

* Redesigned assignments to accelerate careers of personnel in US Marine Corps, Navy, SEALs, Army.

* Adapted courses of business writing for military and corporate professionals.


* Continuing studies in multimedia technology. Training includes video, video editing with Final Cut Pro, sound editing with Pro Tools, image manipulation with PhotoShop and AfterEffects, internet animations with Flash, web publishing with Dreamweaver and free programs, text publishing with InDesign and Acrobat.

* Institute of Arabic Language Study in Damascus, Syria

* UCLA – Certificate in Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, July 2007

*Damascus University, School of Literature, Arabic

* Seminars in on-line technologies of Moodle, Etudes, for writing across the curriculum and electronic instruction via the internet, at LA Mission College, National University, Palomar College.

* California State University, San Marcos -- Post-graduate Special Education courses.

* California State University, Northridge -- B.A, M.A., Literature.